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NFT creation center with artificial intelligence

Ape Protocol is a platform that enables users to easily and creatively transform their digital assets into NFTs. With its user-friendly interface and powerful AI algorithms, Ape Protocol catches attention. Users can upload their desired files from their computers or smartphones and convert them into NFTs. Ape Protocol offers flexibility in working with various file formats and facilitates high-quality NFT production through AI integration

Ape Protocol provides a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can use effortlessly. Users can follow step-by-step instructions to upload their files and track the NFT creation process. File format versatility: Ape Protocol offers users the flexibility to work with various file formats. It supports commonly used formats such as PNG, JPEG, and GIF, as well as vector-based formats. Integration with artificial intelligence: Ape Protocol utilizes powerful AI algorithms to enable high-quality NFT production. AI analyzes the uploaded files, understands their content, and utilizes the data to create unique NFTs.

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Token Sale

Token Name: Ape Protocol - APC
Token Platform: Binance Smart Chain BSC
Token Standard: BEP20
Max. Supply: 250,000,000
Available for Pre-sale: %13 - 32,500,000 APC
Pre-Sale Price: 1 APC = $0.023
Pre-Sale Price: 1 BNB = 10,869.00 APC
Pre-Sale: Can Buy with BNB
List Exchange Price: Min List Exchange $0.35
Pre-sale distribution: No period (will %100 Open)

Token Vesting

Developer: 2 years lock. later 2.83% every month unlocked for 6 months
Team: 3 yeras lock. later 1% every month unlocked for 10 months
Marketing: Voting , Consensus , Listing exchange
Ai-NFT Allowance: NFT competitions, Ai infrastructure development, Ai app.
Partnerships: partner agreement expenditures, country representations

Token Sale Proceeds



Research and Planning
Web Developer

Conduct thorough research on NFT technology, image recognition, and categorization algorithms. Define the project scope, requirements, and target audience. Team Formation: Assemble a team of experts, including AI engineers, developers, designers, and blockchain specialists. Technical Infrastructure Setup: Set up the necessary technical infrastructure, including servers, storage, and AI frameworks for image recognition. User Interface Design: Create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for users to upload their JPEG or PNG files.

AI Algorithm Development

Develop and train an AI algorithm capable of accurately detecting and categorizing images uploaded by users. NFT Generation System: Build a system that generates NFTs from the user-uploaded images, associating them with relevant categories determined by the AI algorithm. Smart Contract Development: Create smart contracts on a blockchain platform to ensure the security, ownership, and transferability of the generated NFTs. Test and Refine: Conduct extensive testing to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the AI algorithm and the overall functionality of the platform.

Platform Development
App Develop

Develop a web or mobile platform that allows users to easily upload their images, view generated NFTs, and participate in NFT trading. User Feedback and Iteration: Gather user feedback and make iterative improvements to the platform based on the received feedback. Community Building: Implement marketing and community engagement strategies to attract artists, collectors, and users to the platform.

Scalability and Performance Optimization

Optimize the platform's infrastructure, AI algorithms, and smart contracts to handle increased user traffic and ensure smooth operation. Partnerships and Integrations: Collaborate with relevant partners, marketplaces, or platforms to expand the reach and distribution of the generated NFTs. Continued Growth and User Acquisition: Continue marketing efforts to attract a larger user base and establish the platform as a prominent player in the NFT ecosystem.

Platform Enhancement

Continuously improve and add new features to the platform based on user feedback and evolving market trends. Long-term Sustainability: Develop a sustainable business model, explore revenue streams such as transaction fees, premium features, or partnerships. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates to ensure the platform's smooth operation.